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 Uncover the secrets of the British Secret Service in the first explosive novel from Anthony Bryan.”

Anthony Bryan joined MI5 in the early 70s and operated in the UK, Ireland, and the Middle East, before being seconded to MI6 to work with the CIA in the USA during the War on Drugs. He now lives between homes in London, Paris and Manila and runs a successful Private Detective & Corporate Intelligence Agency, Anthony Bryan Corporate Intelligence and Investigations.

Set in the early seventies, “Getting Out” is the semi-autobiographical story of Dick Frame, who gets in way over his head when he accepts an offer to join the ranks of the British Secret Service. After being held hostage and tortured when his first operation goes sour, he decides to leave, but finds it is not that easy to quit.

He makes a pact with his partner Charley Parnarti to leave MI5, only to be drawn into an international triangle of drugs, arms and politics reaching from Saudi Arabia to Ireland at the height of the Troubles and a conspiracy that threatens the Firm and the woman he loves.

Anthony Bryan is not able to make public appearances due to the sensitive nature of his previous and current work, but his spokesman is available for interviews and appearances through anthonybryan-investigations.com/book