The Anthony Bryan Agency provides a full range of services

These are our charges for the UK – Overseas work will be estimated on demand.

Surveillance rate – Per agent: £45.00 per hour + expenses – Minimums charge in any 24 hours £450.00.

Consultancy Meetings:: £70.00 per hour.

Mileage  (car/ van/ motorcycle) 50p  / mile.

Travelling time to assignment:  £45.00 per hour. Travel time – 1hr each way maximum.

Set up time via phone and or email. Liaising with client or clients agent in preparing for deployment £45.00 per hr.

Vehicle Tracking-Application/Removal £250/£250 + £150/day

Tracing £500 – £1000 depending on circumstances (multiple traces at substantially reduced rate)

Fingerprinting  Collating/Analysis £150.00/£250.00 per hour.

Semen Testing: £350.00 DNA Testing £750.00 – £1500.00.

Polygraph Testing:  (Lie detector) £1050.00.

Computer Forensics: £130 per hour.

All advance payments are non-refundable Counter-Surveillance “Sweep” Less than 1200 sq. ft. £950.00. If for greater than 1200 sq. ft please request a quote. )

Regular sweeps at reduced rates.

Risk Analysis: £190.00 per hour.

Overseas Investigations and Surveillance £55.00 / 00$US / 75 Euros per hour + expenses

Undercover Agent  Investigations £125.00 per hour + expenses

Cyber security  £175 per hour.

Payments must be made in advance and refreshed as requested.
Anonymous account may be used to collect fees for the convenience and privacy of the client.

No fees / payments are refundable.

Payment by credit carries a £50 surcharge.
All fees’ are subject to VAT at the current rate. and rates / charges quotes are excluding VAT unless payments are made to our parent company which for tax purposes is no domiciled in the UK.

All information obtained is the property of Wilson & Co  / Private Detective Agency UK Nisel Estera EAI Group until all fee’s are paid.

No: GB: 106 1771 39. All chares are subject to VAT at the current  rate.