Tanzania Anthony Bryan Corporate Intelligence

In Africa Anthony Bryan provides the corporate intelligence  and our sister company Wilsons Detectives in Tanzania provides general investigations and security.


We are present in Tanzania. Our offices are located in Arusha, with operations coordinated through the rest of the country. We also have a small field office in Dar es Salaam that mainly handles infidelity and corporate espionage cases.

Anthony Bryan and  Wilsons Detectives is committed to ensuring that our clients in Tanzania get the best service.

It is why we have specialized in five major types of operations in Tanzania. We have also placed highly trained and experienced private detectives in both Arusha and Dar to serve our clients. The five main services offered in Tanzania are

  1. Corporate espionage and intelligence gathering,
  2. Honeytrap operations that include infidelity investigations,
  3. Car tracking and recovery,
  4. Accident investigations,
  5. Electronic security systems for homes and business premises.

Remember that you can reach out to us with any problem that requires the Private Investigations and Corporate Intelligence skills of Anthony Bryan and Wilsons Detectives. Our nearby offices in Kenya and Uganda are always ready to assist with additional expertise, personnel and equipment where necessary. Wilsons Detectives also has a large pool of experienced Private Investigators who will be brought in to solve your problem and find out the truth for you.

What we do, and have done in Tanzania

Our Private Investigations and Corporate Intelligence in Tanzania have helped thousands of people. We help you prevent loss and injuries, as well as protecting your property from theft and other damages. Many times, we have saved our clients from the emotional and financial upheavals that often come when they marry partners who later turn out to be promiscuous. Our infidelity investigations personnel and Honeytrap operations have proven to be extremely useful in this.

Many organizations do not know that they can be brought down by data theft. Often, it is the responsibility of corporate entities to protect the data that they collect about their customers. Wilsons Detectives in Tanzania have well established, tried and tested methods of preventing corporate espionage on your organization. We also prevent data theft and other information leaks that could lead your business into jeopardy. Even when you have already been infiltrated, we will help you identify and eliminate corporate infiltrators. We will also ensure that we shore up your defenses against future instances of infiltration and data theft.

Contacting the Tanzania branch of Wilsons Detectives

  • For the best Private Investigations in Tanzania, contact us. We are located on Haile Selassie road off Kanisa road, Serengeti Building.
  • In Dar es Salaam, we are based off Kimweri Road (Opposite CCBRT Hospital) Plot No. 503/01 Block G in the general vicinity of Oyster Bay.
  • On social media, the Tanzania operation can be reached via Twitter @WilsonsPIsTZ as well as via the Wilsons Private Investigators main Facebook page. Also check us out on LinkedIn.

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